The Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) Health Department contributes to the national health development programme by improving the health status of the most vulnerable through designing and implementing health programmes that has a foresight on health promotion and disease prevention activities. It as well takes a clear and functional role in public health emergency management to support victims of disasters to recover from it.

The health department of The Gambia Red Cross Society runs the following essential programmes that enables the National Society (NS) to respond to the call of the Government to improve the health situation of The Gambian population;

1.     Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

2.     Water Hygiene and Sanitation

3.     Epidemic Control

4.     Emergency and Ambulance Service

5.     Reproductive Health

6.     Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

7.     Nutrition

8.     Death Body Management

These programme of activities that GRCS intervenes in has increased interest for institutions and organizations within and outside The Gambia to collaborate with the NS to implement health activities.  Over the years, maximum success has been achieved in our health service delivery country wide.


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